Problem night #4, CNC router & single string, electronic piano

Thursday, april 14, 18.00 – 20.00. Í Vestra (kennslustofa í sumarbústað bakatil) við húsakynni Listaháskólans Sölvhólsgötu 13.

Problems on the menu =

1) Open source CNC mill.

Artist/designer Halldór Úlfarsson is building a desktop CNC mill (effective bed of about 1000 x 500 x 70 mm) and would like to brainstorm with anybody interested and/or wanting to join the process.

Below is a loose list of considerations and criteria for the machine =

low cost. I’m hoping to complete the project with total material costs hopefully not exceeding 100.000isk.

Control – Arduino Mega?

Documentation. There’s a lot of these projects floating around but not very well documented. I want to treat documentations as an integral part of the project.

Extendability. I don’t see anything in the way of retrofitting a 3D print extruder, putty extruder, cutter, printhead etc to the machine once it’s functioning and accurate. What needs to be considered for this to be an option?

Metric, Europe, Iceland. Locally sourced parts and stock as much as possible.

Finally, I know a couple of institutions in scandinavia which are interested in this kind of stuff and I’m sure there would be options to give workshops to build a few. I see this as a possible source of income (supplement) while travelling and doing other stuff (to put this in perspective a comparable commercially available machine costs about 6-10 times as much).

I have experience in CAD design and general DIY but could really use collaborators who are comfortable with programming.

2) Tölvustýrt “undirbúið” (e. prepared) píanó, by Áki Ásgeirsson
a) einstrengt píanó (una corda)
b) 88 solenoidar, + sustain stýring
c) transistorar eða optokúplerar
d) arduino
e) tölva

a) pedal sustain
b) note sustain
c) charlieplexing
d) orkunotkun
e) tímaupplausn
f) fjölröddun / sýndarfjölröddun (of-hröð einröddun)
g) alternative ásláttur (t.d. e.k. e-bow resónans, eða motor tremolo)

Coffey as always! Welcome!

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