Alice – Smiðja #1, 2012

Reykjavík Art museum, Hafnarhús. Saturday 28.01.2012. 13 – 17. Free entry, bring your own laptop if you want to participate (otherwise feel free to sit in and have some coffey).

Lornalab is back in business after the holidays. Hannes Högni is first speaker, expanding on his theme from last year. Last time around Hannes used the free programming envirnonment Processing(.org) to lead participants from no programming expierience to their first working program in one sitting (he also demonstrated how easy it is to give percieved sentience to some bits and bytes).

Alice is good news for those of us who desperately want to learn programming but are deterred by post-school-math-traumatic-stress-disorder.

Here´s what wikpedia says about it:

  • Most programming languages are designed to be usable for “production code” and thus introduce additional complexity. Alice is designed solely to teach programming theory without the complex semantics of production languages such as C++. Users can place objects from Alice’s gallery into the virtual world that they have imagined, and then they can program by dragging and dropping tiles that represent logical structures. Additionally, the user can manipulate Alice’s camera and lighting to make further enhancements. Alice can be used for 3D user interfaces.
  • Alice is conjoined with its IDE. There is no syntax to remember. However, it supports the full object-oriented,event driven model of programming.
  • Alice is designed to appeal to specific subpopulations not normally exposed to computer programming, such as female students of middle school age, by encouraging storytelling, unlike most other programming languages which are designed for computation. Alice is also used at many colleges and universities in Introduction to Programming courses.

  • Hannes Högni Vilhjálmsson is a media-art and sciences scholar currently teaching at Reykjavík University.

    Check the museum here

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