Animated music notation / Gagarin

Open Workshop, Hafnarhús, Saturday 8 september 1-4 p.m.

LornaLAB in collaboration with Reykjavik Art Museum offers a series of workshops in its program of events. Led by composer Jesper Pedersen the first open workshop this winter will focus on Animated Notation. We have also invited Nils Wiberg from Gagarin; a company that develops highly interactive media solutions.

Animated notation A new emerging category of technology based “active” musical notation are now being developed by a small number of composers around the world. In this lecture Jesper Pedersen will show examples of this new type of notation using video, live demonstration and audience participation.
These notation forms take advantage of different media including video, animation, haptics, physical computing, mechanics, robotics, and more
These kinds of notation open up a world of possibilities including interactivity – the score can be affected in real time by the performer or any other input, the reduction of rehearsal time, increased readability of complex rhythmical structures, nonlinearity, real-time generative/algorithmic scores, synchronization of events (sonic, visual, control etc.) and many more.

Norwegian Seabird Centre

Gagarin is a company that creates highly interactive media solutions that allow people to experience stories vividly, understand interesting content and share their discoveries with others. Their customers are museums, companies, municipalities and institutions that utilize the work in showrooms and visitor centers, at events and online. Nils Wiberg will talk about their work at Gagarin in this first winter workshop.

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