About the Lab

Read 2011 dec. interview with some members (english) here.

LornaLab is a newly founded (late summer 2010) forum for the creative use of technology. Our current function is information, resource and inspiration sharing which has taken the form of lectures, fieldtrips and workshops in our short life to date.

We are based in Reykjavík, Iceland and sometimes refer to ourselves as “Reykjavík Medialab” for ease of reference in foreign context.

Among our members are industrial designers, art theorists, computer scientists,  AI researchers,  Music theorists and new media artists to name a few.


LornaLAB is interest driven at the moment but we are defining how we could formalize our role as an “open doors” medialab in Reykjavík with funding from city or government (a discussion which is on-going).

We would like to provide a consistent venue for the cross pollination of ideas on the platform of technology.

One concrete ambition we have is to open and run a FabLab in Reykjavík.

We have become intimitely acquanted with Hakkavélin (Hacker´s space in Iceland) as we have been sharing a space in the last months, we find them to be natural bedfellows and look to more collaborations and sharing of resources in the future.

We hope to become a point of contact in Iceland for medialabs from abroad.


The name of the Lab refers to Lorna (see more under the heading above) an association of electronic arts enthusiasts which has been active in the recent decade. Many, but not all, members of LornaLAB have been involved with Lorna activites at some point.

All LornLAB members, however, share some interest in the creative application of technology and felt that a venue along those lines is needed in Reykjavík

Our place in the world (approximately), courtesy of Áki