Lorna is an association for electronic arts founded in 2002

Lorna’s members are artists and theorists. Lorna likes to collaborate with individuals and associations that are open minded and ready to explore  unknown territories of art, culture and technology.

Lorna’s activities since 2002

2010 – Lorna/Pikslaverk gets a space at Utgerdin/Idea House, Reykjavík. Reopens dialogue with ministry of culture and education and universities to found a media lab.

2010 – Pikslaverk 2010 in Reykjavik. Lectures and performances at Reykjavik Art Museum, IcelandAcademy of the Arts and Utgerdin. In collaboration with Raflost.

2009 – Member of Renewable Network and mailing list.

2009 – Participation in panel at You are in Control – international conference, Reykjavík, september 23-24.

2009 – Organized Networks. Training Program for Cultural Network Management, December 3-5, Riga, Latvia.

2009 – Arctic Initiative Perspective – Host of Jury for a Open Design competition and public presentation of selected projects at Icelandic Academy of Arts, September.15-18.

2009 – Guests at Raflost Festival; lecture and exhibition, Iceland Academy of the Arts, Reykjavik and Municipal Museum of Art, Reykjanesbæ.

2008 – Pikslaverk at Reykjavik Museum of Art. Conference, performances and exhibition. Workshop at Iceland Academy of the Arts .

2008 – Member of PixelAche Network and mailing list.

2005 – Exhibition in Living Art Museum, Reykjavik. Interactive installations and sound art.

2005 – On going discussions with local universities and ministry of education, culture and science about opening a collective media lab.

2005 – Co-organization of local pre-selection of World Summit Award of the United Nation. Presidency of the jury.

2004 – Introduction of Prix Möbius Nordica in Iceland. One member of jury in Helsinki.

2004 – Trans Cultural Mapping: Iceland inside out, workshop in Iceland, in collaboration with NIFCA/RIXC.

2004 – Contacts made with Media Lab Europe, Dublin, IT University – Copenhagen/Centre of Game Research and Media Lab UIAH, Helsinki.

2003 – Media lab discussions with Icelandic companies and institutions – establishing contacts with media labs and institutions in Europe.

2003 – Nordic Interactive cooperation – meetings and workshops.

2003 – Workshop with Nordic editors of the m-cult.net in Helsinki – introduction of report, NIFIN conference: Nordic Media Culture – Actors and Practices, published in April.

2002 – Introduction of the Prix Möbius Nordica in Iceland. One member of Jury at the competition in Finland.

2002 – Cooperations with m-cult started: Finnish Media Art Association.

2002 – Art event, Vesturport Theater – Reykjavík.

2002 – March, LORNA is registered as an association for electronic arts.